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Pay dirt, Where to find Gold in Alaska!

Alaska Gold Fever

Are you that up-and-coming prospector with dreams of striking it rich in Alaska’s Gold Fields? Have you already packed that gold pan and now you’re just looking to find some color? Well get ready as the most promising locations for finding that gold is just about to be revealed.

Alaska Gold Deposits

Alaska Gold Prospecting

The Best Recreational Gold Panning Alaska covers where to find the Best Gold Panning in Alaska.

Alaska Recreational Gold Panning

Alaska Recreational Gold PanningAlaska Recreational Gold Panning: a guide to recreational gold panning across Alaska. Alaska gold panning is undergoing a major reemergence with the rising value of gold today.

Recreational gold panning in Alaska is thriving with many new areas opening to the general public for recreational gold panning and even some areas where sluice mining and power dredging are allowed. We'll be looking at the best gold panning areas in Alaska for many different styles of gathering.

Gold! Gold! Gold!

This basic guide for all of the beginning gold seekers includes the easy to read gold panning handbook and recreational gold panning guide: How & Where to pan for gold in Alaska! This site will reveal many of the things you will need to know before you start out on your quest for the prized treasure, Alaska Gold!

Alaska Gold Panning Locations

  • Hope Alaska Gold Panning
  • Crow Creek Mine in Girdwood Alaska
  • Gold Panning In Chicken Alaska


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Gold Buyers are paying top dollar for gold.Alaska Gold Panning Tours

With the popularity and growing interest in gold panning today it only stood to reason that a number of well organized Alaska Gold Panning Tours would become available to fill the demand for this fun and exciting activity. We are seeing a growing industry catering to offering Alaska Gold Panning Trips with training and supplies being offered for recreational gold panning enthusiasts looking to do a little Gold Prospecting In Alaska during their visit.

Alaska Gold Panning with Alaska Gold Prospecting
The first time you look into the bottom of your pan and see that stunning glitter of your first gold strike will be one of those moments that you will remember the rest of your life.

Gold pans, sluice boxes and gold dredges are not the only means for finding gold as metal detectors work well too in the hands of a knowledgeable prospector. From gold panning for placer gold to nugget hunting with metal detectors, we’re about to show you some secrets to successfully finding gold from this exciting vacation activity.

Alaska Gold Prospecting

We will be looking at the topic of where the best gold panning in Alaska can be found and with tourism season about upon us, a look at where anyone might just to find gold in Alaska will be covered too.

Did you know that you can find Gold in Alaska with a Metal Detector? It's true and it's something few people actually realize. There is a new business on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula that is taking visitors into the rich gold fields of the Kenai Peninsula in search of finding that illusive nugget and allows many new gold seekers to discover the enjoyment and benefit of finding gold in Alaska.


Alaska Governor Sean Parnell Signs “Alaska Mining Day Bill”

Posted: April 14, 2013

"An Act establishing May 10 of each year as Alaska Mining Day; and providing for an effective date."
Effective Thursday, May 10th, 2012, With the stroke of Governor Sean Parnell's pen, SB 1, making May 10 of every year Alaska Mining Day. The bill sponsor, Senator Cathy Giessel, passed the Alaska State Legislature and received the support of Governor Parnell who commented on the bill with the words “Mining has created opportunities for Alaskan families for generations.”

Alaska's mining industry includes exploration, mine development, and mineral production. Alaska's mines are currently producing zinc, lead, gold, silver, and coal.

SPONSORS of SB1: Senators Cathy Giessel, Fred Dyson, John Coghill, Lesil McGuire, Anna Fairclough, Kevin Meyer, Bert Stedman, Dennis Egan, Click Bishop, Mike Dunleavy, Peter Micciche, Pete Kelly, Charlie Huggins and Donald Olson.